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You will get my deepest thanks. Your donation helps me report on issues that is important to me and you. It will go directly to funding 3 podcast, 1 YouTube channel (home of Gun News), my gun builds, a website that gives new writers a chance to share their ideas (, and cost associated with with traveling to events.

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All previous benefits plus access to the Discord server

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All previous benefits plus access to the behind the scenes vlogs

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All previous benefits plus a shout out or ad on one of our podcast, Instagrams, Facebook, YouTube Twitter account once a month

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All previous benefits and one shout out or ad a month on any of our blogs, Facebook post, Instagram post, or Twitter.

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All previous benefits plus two additional shut outs or ads on any podcast

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All previous benefits plus a banner on

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Sponsor II

All previous benefits plus main sponsorship of a podcast. (This podcast is brought to you by (product name/person name)

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Sponsor III

All previous benefits plus sponsorship of Gun News on Black Swan Media.



  • Help create multiple great Podcast and Videos
  • Help me fund which helps new writers start out
  • Help me with my journalism projects

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