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For just two dollars a month, you get access to all sorts of extra stuff! Exclusive Art, Behind the Scenes Writing Material, and so much more!

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Chibi Sketch Commissions!

Subscribers on this tier will get a color chibi sketch of any person/character of their choice, real, fictional, or otherwise! Chibis must be PG-13 (sorry, I don't draw NSFW content).



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Wow, guys, 500 USD? With that, I'll be able to buy a printer that can support prints! I'll can make cheap copies of my art for you guys to enjoy!
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Golly gee willikers! With 5000 USD a month I'll be able to support myself and move to drawing and writing full time for you guys!
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Holy moly, a 1000 dollars a month? With that, I'll be able to shift down work at my regular job and have enough time to start a youtube channel!
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Wow! A hundred dollars a month? You guys are awesome! I'll draw a huge thank you illustration with all the names of my current subscribers!

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