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Alain Zarinelli
Fine art landscape photographer, videographer, adventurer, and educator.
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Alain Zarinelli

Hello and welcome to my SubscribeStar page!

I am a professional landscape and travel photographer/videographer based in Western Iowa.

I oftentimes take my Jeep Rubicon off-road to reach places off the beaten path to create my photos, and to create videos documenting my travels, photography insights, and tutorials.

Besides visiting art shows throughout the midwest to sell my prints, I have a Web presence, and a YouTube channel, for my overlanding/travel videos and photography tutorials. Currently, I post a new video once a week.

The general videos on my YouTube channel will always be free, but some content and perks will be limited to a select audience - e.g. live hangouts (interactive tutorials how I plan a trip; find camp spots; set up my photo shoot, my camp; how I cook my meals while on an expedition; etc.), full GPX files with overnight points, how to process photos/videos while on the road (Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, LumaFusion...)

Since traveling to art shows takes about 4 months out of my year where I cannot create photographs and/or videos, I would like to slowly cut back on my art show attendance. Considering, however, that those shows produce about 85%-90% of my revenue, I can only do that while creating alternative income sources:

  • Monetizing my YouTube channel;
  • Using SubscribeStar to build a community of folks interested in my photography and overlanding endeavors.

Over the next 1-2 months, as I build my SubscribeStar community, I will start offering subscription tiers, in order to help me cut back on my art show travel: I envision $5, $10, $25, and $50 a month support tiers, with increasingly fun and useful perks for each.

When my art show revenues are getting offset by at least 50% from the channel monetization, resp. subscribers here, I will start posting content more often, plan more overland/photo expedition trips, upgrade my gear to create even better quality content, and plan for an annual week-end get-together with all my supporters...

I hope you'll join me on my journey, build a community, and have tons of fun together!

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Alain Zarinelli

New video posted - 'How to Quickly Load an Expedition Vehicle for Overlanding'... (

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Alain Zarinelli

Sold my "backup" A7R mark 2 camera and replaced it with...

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Alain Zarinelli

New Youtube Video

Check out my latest video on Youtube:!

In it, I go over general considerations about (primary) use before making buying decisions, or decisions on how to modify an 'expedition vehicle,' ...

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Alain Zarinelli

So, I have been in contact with Moment's support team over my "shadow/artifact" issue using their anamorphic lens. If you haven't watched last week's video, here is the relevant section: (go to about 5' 22" in the video below for the sample footage!)

I finally got some update from their support team (via email; my emphasis:)

"Sorry for the poor quality. We have been doing a lot of digging into what is happening and have a path to fix the issue."

"We had some design issues for this case [Alain: For the iPhone X, Xs, and Xs Max...] that were amplified with some defective units that are warping and causing the lens to not sit flush to the back of the case. We are currently working on the tooling mods (which are almost complete) and we are confident this will be a significant improvement and fix the issues, but this does mean that sending you a replacement case from our stock may not fix the issue…"

"Unfortunately, all of our suppliers are going to be shut down for the next 2 plus weeks because of Chinese New Year, so we won’t be able to get any updated cases with the improved design from them until the end of February…"

So, while I did ask them to send me a replacement case from the current stock, it looks as if this may not get resolved until early March.

Therefore, I would suggest anybody with an iPhone X, Xs, or Xs Max hold off buying a case and/or anamorphic lens until after the new stock has arrived.

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All previous rewards, plus all GPX files with overnight spots, select tutorials.

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Access to all previous rewards, plus annual custom trip opportunity (must be a supporter for the 12 preceding months.)

Bonus: Take an additional 45% off any Print of the Month.



  • Your subscription/contribution will help me produce content around 'overloading' and 'photography expeditions', including the preparation, the journey, navigation, camping, cooking at camp, the photographing, and the post-processing. I plan on initially producing weekly updated content.

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