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Supporters appreciate our content and want to contribute to the work we do.


Your perks:

• Occasional early release videos

• Access to exclusive content

• Access to our discord server

• End credits YouTube recognition

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The biggest nightmare for liberals is the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Selecting this teir will piss the liberals off.


Your perks:

• Everything from Tier 1

• Opportunity to piss a liberal off :)

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Crew Member

This level is for those who simply want to support us a little more - with the same benefits as the lower tier. Every little bit counts and when we can spend more time on projects, there might be more perks coming :)


Your perks:

• Everything from Tier 1

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Corporate Sponsor

This teir is exclusive to businesses that support our independent journalism. Sponsor support greatly helps in our endeavor to expand. We can't thank our sponsors enough and we promise that we'll do our very best to live up to any and all expectations.


Your perks:

• Your business name w/website link advertised on our website

• Your business name in lower 3rds of every Youtube video

• Your business name/website in every Youtube video description

0 subscribers Sponsor


  • You will receive a special discord role on our discord server.
  • Access to exclusive content and creative input on video topics.
  • You'll feel good supporting independent journalism.

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28 News has been a conservative news site for Texas and neighboring states. With your support, we'll continue to expose the Left, hold big government accountable, protect your constitutional rights, and defend conservative journalism. Subscribers make all that possible.

Please consider becoming a subscriber today to keep us strong and fighting the good fight.

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